About us

Launched in Cardiff in February 2020, the Wales Hydrogen Trade Association is the membership body to advance the hydrogen economy in Wales in the 2020s.

We will be advocates and capacity-builders.

We are an Association with credible, influential and wide-ranging supporters.

We will:

  • Represent the fuel cell & hydrogen (FCH) and related industries at government level and amongst public and private sector bodies; and within communities in Wales.
  • Gather and discuss market intelligence.
  • Use networking to collaborate on supply chain synergies which can match the supply and demand of hydrogen for a wide-range of applications.
  • Promote rapid innovation through sharing knowledge.
  • Provide a business development service which helps to identify project opportunities and provides introductory and brokerage services to our members.
  • Help access finance to fund hydrogen project developments.
  • Influence and support policy developments.
  • Raise public awareness of hydrogen and hold regular events.
  • bridge – within Wales but internationally too, advocate, capacity builder, strong network.
  • Develop partnerships with and learn from UK and international developments in order to share best practice; and which can influence developments in Wales.