Published on: Sunday March 26, 2023

Hydrogen – both green and blue – is a central feature of the South Wales Industrial Cluster‘s “A plan for clean growth” which was launched in Cardiff in March 2023 and attended by HyCymru.

The report “A plan for clean growthThe decarbonisation of South Wales industry is an investment into the future of Wales and the UK”  can be viewed by entering SWIC’S virtual room, which holds a host of other SWIC-related information.

The SWIC Vision showcases ambitious plans to achieve:
  • Net zero industries in South Wales by 2040, equating to 40% reduction of current Welsh CO2emissions
  • Retention of 113,000 jobs and a net positive increase in jobs overall
  • Unlocking £30bn investment opportunities in the region
  • Growing the £6bn Gross Value Added from South Wales industry.

SWIC is a collaboration of industries across the south Wales industrial belt from Milford Haven to the border with England.

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