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Hydrogen Activities in Wales

What we do

Shape policy

On the day of our launch, 26 February 2020, HyCymru secured a debate at the Senedd (Welsh Parliament) on hydrogen which led to cross-party support for a motion to back a strategic assessment of hydrogen in Wales, as part of national decarbonisation plans.

HyCymru continues to provide input and support to the Welsh Government’s Hydrogen Route-Map, due for publication in late 2020.

And HyCymru is also providing input into regulatory issues and UK policy developments on hydrogen with our partner organisations.

Share knowledge

HyCymru has held a series of webinars during the COVID-19 lockdown, to maintain momentum after our launch. Topics have included hydrogen technologies & markets and we have presented at several external events in Wales, the UK and internationally.

We will be holding more webinars during Winter 2020-21 on finance, international collaboration and more.

We also aim to connect with and learn from international best practice on hydrogen.

Support projects

As the “go-to” network for identifying hydrogen expertise in Wales, HyCymru can play a major role in helping to broker projects by introducing prospective partners to one another and in facilitating discussions: from R&D through to commercial projects.

Such a service is already bearing fruit. Within months of our launch in February 2020, hydrogen projects involving waste to energy, transport and power are being pursued with facilitation services provided by HyCymru.

Stimulate finance

The technology is ready but needs to scale-up and be competitive. Unlocking finance is crucial for hydrogen to breakthrough into the mainstream. Patient capital, financial incentives and innovative business models will help make the 2020s the Hydrogen Decade.

HyCymru can draw on a wealth of financial expertise to make the business case for hydrogen. We are also reaching out to financial institutions in order to accelerate projects and make Wales a pioneering country for investing into the Hydrogen Economy.