HyCymru, the Wales Hydrogen Trade Association, will be the membership body to advance the hydrogen economy in Wales in the 2020s.

We will be advocates and capacity-builders.

We will:

  • Represent the fuel cell & hydrogen (FCH) and related industries at government level and amongst public and private sector bodies; and within communities in Wales.
  • Gather and discuss market intelligence.
  • Use networking to collaborate on supply chain synergies which can match the supply and demand of hydrogen for a wide-range of applications.
  • Promote rapid innovation through sharing knowledge.
  • Provide a business development service which helps to identify project opportunities and provides introductory and brokerage services to our members.
  • Help access finance to fund hydrogen project developments.
  • Influence and support policy developments.
  • Raise public awareness of hydrogen and hold regular events.
  • Develop partnerships with and learn from UK and international developments in order to share best practice; and which can influence developments in Wales.