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This blog post was first published on Nation.Cymru by Robert Frater. Covid-19 is currently hogging the Global catastrophe spotlight – the impact on individua
This post was first posted on Business News Wales. Welsh firm Riversimple has developed a two-seater hydrogen fuel cell car aimed at city dwellers and boasts a
Zero Emission Tech comes to Cardiff Bay and a full house is expected at the launch of the Wales Hydrogen Trade Association at Arup’s offices in Cardiff Bay fro
On 26 February 2020, Assembly Members at the National Assembly for Wales will hold a full debate dedicated to hydrogen. The Wales Trade Association has helped
Guto Owen, Director of Ynni Glân and co-ordinator for the establishment of the Wales Hydrogen Trade Association, sets-out the rationale behind setting-up the b
The technology showcase reflects the wide-ranging applications for hydrogen, from active travel to cars to heating homes and business. Applica
With growing public pressure, last year the UK Government became the first major nation to pass a net zero emissions law, with the goal to bring all greenhouse

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